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I’ve been world building for as long as I can remember. As a child I owned many Lego bricks, and built many imaginary worlds from them – often space-themed, but there were more “mundane” worlds. Later, in the 1980s, my mother got me my first role-playing game, and I was instantly hooked. I used the prefab settings for a long time, but built my own modules and campaigns. At the same time, I began to fiddle with writing fiction.

In October 1993 some friends and I wanted to start a fantasy campaign. The system was GURPS, and the setting… well. GURPS comes with a strange fantasy setting based on real-world religions. We didn’t own the world-book, and to be honest it would not have been to our taste. After a friend failed to come up with a campaign, I took on the job of Game Master. I told the guys I’d have something ready in two weeks. In these two weeks I built a fantasy world I called “Enderra“. The first game session was, as best as I can reconstruct it 18 years later, on October 23rd, 1993.

Map of Old Enderra (pre-Demon War), circa 1992
Map of Old Enderra (pre-Demon War), circa 1992

The Enderra campaign ran at a very irregular schedule for several years and eventually died. In the late 90s, we decided to start playing again. I was again the GM. When I started to prepare for the game I quickly decided that I did not want to use any of the prefabricated worlds. But I also thought that building a new world from scratch would be wasteful. After all, I already had Enderra – there were many things about Enderra that I did not like anymore. So I fast-forwarded Enderra by a thousand years, and built on top of what already existed. The following D&D campaign ran for years, and a friend of mine actually ran his campaign using the same world.

The creation of “Enderra II” marked the point where I became interested in world building for its own sake. I drew immense enjoyment out of the creative act of designing a world, a whole universe, and over the years I built several settings of all kinds of flavors. Most of them never got used for anything.

Recently (late 2007, early 2008) I started to look for other world builders… to share experiences, to learn, and above all to have people to bounce ideas off of. This blog is part of that effort.

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4 thoughts on “Worldbuilding and me

  1. Just found your site and I can already tell I’m going to be lurking for weeks to come. Enderra is now a tag in my favs list along with lots of other fantasy/geek stuff. I’m not nearly as proficient as you are with the site construction and I only update occasionally, but I’d love for you tell pop by my blog and tell me what you think. I created my blog in the hopes that it would serve as a pop-in-shop of various things for other builders and creators. Now it’s just a past time between the job, house, reading, and Skyrim.

  2. Aww, thank you Mr Gunslinger! Glad to have you aboard. And oh boy do I know the problem of time sinks like jobs and such essentials as Skyrim. 🙂

  3. Well in my experience with worldbuilding, the way is the goal rather than the destination. Or in other words, a world can never truly be “done”. But I know what you mean of course!

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