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  • Nuke it – Tool that shows the effects of nuclear weapons on a map – perfect for youzr WWIII or dystopian future novels.
  • Impact Earth – Calculate the effects of an asteroid impact on Earth

Worlds on the Web

  • Tellur – Developed by cartogriffi on his weblog.
  • This Orb – Attempt to build an ultra-realistic conworld; awesome map work.
  • Forgotten Futures – RPG Settings based on public domain science fiction settings, like Lost World or Weinbaum’s Sci Fi short-stories.
  • Conworld News Corporation – News from conworlds, rather than about conworlds.
  • Constructed Worlds Wiki – Has various designs.
  • The Accounts of Thyrenacia – Very well done but hasn’t been updated in a while it seems; I like their maps.
  • The Artifact is a science fiction role-playing game/setting centered around an artificial, roughly egg-shaped world

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