Worlds on the Web

  • Found the Farland world on the Realmwright Blog. Pretty cool conworld, lots of detail.

Worldbuilding Blogs

  • Zombie Gunslinger moved to the more appropriately-named Realmwright Blog. Check it out!
  • Cartogriffi has had a LOT of very interesting, well-thought out posts about his Science Fiction setting in the past few months, so check it out if you haven’t!

Other Stuff

  • Robert Peterson requested to use some of my art on his website. It’s not up yet as I type this, but do check out his page and tell him I said Hi. He’s working on a post-apocalyptic comedy, to be released later this year.
  • Article on the BBC News website about Cory Doctorow’s business of giving away his works for free.
  • Earth Rings for Planetary Environment Control – Nuff said.

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2 thoughts on “Links for June/July

  1. Thanks for the blog plug! And thanks for the Robert Peterson link too, I’ll be Kickstarting that with my next paycheck (not all of it, of course)

  2. Actually didn’t even see the Kickstarter before you mentioned it. Looks like he used my Desert City image in that – very cool, I like what he’s done with the image!

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