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Northern Continent, WIP 3

3rd WIP of the Northern Continent map:

map01h-smallI’ve added two layers (the “high mountains” layer is very unfinished though – it’s obvious where more detail is needed) as well as adding a lot of detail to the existing layers. Click on the image for a 2048px wide version. I’m fairly happy with how this map is turning out, if I may say so myself…

Haven’t really browsed randomly so much in the past months, so I do not have that many links to share. Still here are a few good ones:

  • If you think I am too light on RPGs, look no further: Shortymonster runs a cool website focusing on actual gaming topics and advice. Go there and tell him I said Hi.
  • Chuck came up with a script for an “intro cinematic” for Somnium: Chronicles of Empire.
  • Beyond Apollo – A blog that chronicles missions and programs that never happened. There’s some amazingly cool stuff just in the first few pages… Highly recommended.
  • The Public Domain Review looks like a promising catalog of public domain works.
  • Astrographer covers Star Trek, Science Fiction, Worldbuilding, and Traveller.
  • Lost Type repository has some awesome fonts.

Mars: Timeline 1877-1987


1877: Giovanni Schiaparelli observes “canali” (channels) on the surface of Mars. The term is widely mistranslated as “canals”.

1892: Camille Flammarion suggests that the “canali” might be a planet-wide irrigation system.

1894: Percival Lowell builds observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, and dedicates his life to the study of Mars. He subsequently publishes Mars (in 1895), Mars and Its Canals (1906), and Mars As the Abode of Life (1908).

1909: Mount Wilson Observatory confirms Lowells observations, but many astronomers remain skeptical.

1916: Percival Lowell dies.

1965: Mariner 4 takes pictures that include glimpses of artificial structures on Martian surface, confirms that Martian atmosphere is dense enough for human survival. Mars craze begins.

1969: Apollo 11 lands on the moon. Presentation of Mars Mission plans by Wernher von Braun, which is subsequently supported by Richard Nixon.

1971: Mariner 9 sent to Mars.

1972: Mariner 9 images reveal river beds, canyons, craters, volcanoes, canals, and cities on the surface of Mars. There are even images of what appears to be vegetation. US Congress approves von Braun’s Mars project.

1975: United States invites Soviet Union to participate in Mars mission.

1976: Viking 1 and 2 land on Mars. Data collected shows that humans can survive on Mars, and also discover flora and fauna on the surface. Mars mission plans are reevaluated.

1977: New Mars mission plans are approved by US and Russian governments. Retooling of mission begins. Wernher von Braun dies.

1981: Mars mission team selected.

1986: Mars mission launches.

1987: Mars mission lands.

A Northern Continent, WIP 1

More cartography…

A Northern Continent
A Northern Continent

Click on the image for a (slight) zoom.

This is a map roughly representing a continent that featured in a series of dreams I had over the years, where a group of adventurers would explore the continent. It’s all made-up, of course; I never saw a map of the place in my dream but the basic features are all there…


Guys – I wish you all a merry xmas (or whatever variant of the traditional mid-winter pagan festival you may be celebrating) and, in a few days, a happy new year! Thank you all for dropping by – and I hope to see you again next year!


Ride a Comet with Pan Colonial

Another faux “vintage travel poster”:


I had originally wanted to draw this back in October, but I didn’t manage to draw a decent comet. I am fairly happy with this one, although I realize that it’s not “perfect”.

Other works in this “series”:

Four Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

Here are a few more designs for national emblems:


You are a serious geek if you know where I got the design for “A” from. “B” is a petroglyph of an eagle. “C” is Sleipnir, and “D” is a snowflake.

I am not sure which ones of these I will use; but probably C and D. At any rate I now have enough to cover the major nations of the setting.