Links for October 2014

More semi-monthly links:

  • Mysteries of Medieval Graffiti – Really useful and inspiring if you are looking for flavor for your dungeons, towns, ruins etc.
  • What does war sound like? – War features heavily in our fiction, but few people (in the so-called west, but also in many others) are lucky enough not to ever have been in one. So this article by the BBC should be quite helpful to role-players and authors.
  • Old West Slang and Phrases – I don’t know how authentic this is, but it’s surely inspirational. Also works for your Firefly fanfic, I guess.
  • Apollo Image Atlas – Raw images from Apollo missions in huge resolutions. Not maps, just pretty much the entire catalog.
  • The Painted Warships of WW1.
  • If the average income in 1955 was, say, 4200 Dollars, how much would that be in 1988s Dollars? About 18500. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a handy Inflation Calculator.




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