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Enderra 2020

So, let’s get cracking on our new project. Enderra 2020 is the follow-up to Enderra 2015, which failed due to, essentially, two reasons. One, I focused a lot of my time on other things (my YouTube channel, mainly), and Two, the time I had for world-building was spent all over the place. As an old nerd, I have to admit that I simply can’t invest as many hours in my hobbies as I could 20 years ago.

To ensure E2020 does not suffer the same fate, it’s important to actually set a specific goal, a time-frame, and approach the whole thing with at least a rough plan.

  • Goal: Produce a self-contained Enderra “world book” that allows someone who has never read about Enderra to use it as a setting for their home-grown campaigns.
  • Timeframe: It’s “Enderra 2020”, so the goal is one year from now: May 31st, 2020. I’ll allow a maximum buffer until December 31st, 2020.
  • Outline: I have a rough outline, a list of topics I want to cover in the world book. This should help focus my efforts.
  • Release: As each section/chapter is finished, it will be published on this blog. The “release early, release often” approach. Hopefully this also allows me to get some feedback on what’s already there. (Hint, hint.)
  • Clean slate: Well, sort of. Enderra has changed over the years, sometimes driven in one direction, sometimes in another. All material older than this post is essentially “non canon” (as they say) and I’ll simply go with whatever design I feel is best now. At the same time, re-inventing the wheel is pointless, and Enderra will still be built on the same foundations.
  • Quantity: I don’t want to set a hard goal on page- or word count. However, goals need to be measurable. So let’s roughly aim for something that’s the size of one of the old GURPS World Books (do they still make these?), so about 128 pages (US Letter sized).

It’s probably fairly ambitious to write a book like this in a year, but then again, I have a ton of existing material stashed on my hard drive. We’ll give it the old college try.

It’s gonna be fun. Hope to see you along for the ride!

Cleanup and The Future

Cleaning Up…

I spent some time cleaning up the site. A lot more work needs to be done, that’s for sure. But progress has been made.

  • Site Optimizations: I did some tech stuff and went from a Google Page Speed Insight score of 14 to 84 – a huge improvement. I hope this is notable to visitors, too.
  • Deleted a bunch of old, minor posts: I’ve deleted a whole bunch of older posts – basically applying what I call the “Twitter test”. If a blog post would work better as a tweet, it got removed. I did make some exceptions where I thought something was worth keeping.
  • Other Worlds: Likewise, I went through some of the older settings and removed a lot of cruft. Where posts were worth-while to keep, I put them into a new category – “Other Worlds“. This usually means there’s less than a half-dozen posts about a given world.
  • The Meta Setting: All settings I create, all worlds I design, exist as parallel worlds of each other. This affects some worlds more than others, but I figured it makes sense to give this “meta setting” its own category.
  • All the Links: Over the years, I posted “monthly” about new links I found. Needless to say, many of those links are broken, outdated, et cetera. And even for those that aren’t, I can’t imagine anybody actually going through all those old posts. So I’ve collected them on one page and will subsequently verify them all.
  • Color changes: It’s quite Martian, isn’t it. Made a few minor color changes to the site’s theme. This will change again, but for now I like it.

(Check “We’re Back” for previous changes.)

…the Future

So now that the site is back up and running and in an at least marginally presentable condition, let’s talk about what will happen here in the near future, say the next 12 months or so.

Essentially, I will be working on something that has always bothered me. I never really turned Enderra itself into an actual, usable campaign setting. “Usable”, here, means that someone can pick it up and use it for their own campaigns at home. I tried before, with the “Enderra 2015” project that never really went anywhere. Time to get it right.

This also means I will not be working on any other worlds. The reason is simple; the time I have available to dedicate to world-building is simply not enough to do multiple projects justice. So while there may be the occasional generic post, or post covering other settings, 90%+ of the new material should be about Enderra-the-Setting.

And We’re Back!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? My apologies. All I wanted was migrate to a new host, and then… things happen. And then other things did. And then it was Wednesday. And then suddenly 2019. You know how that works, right?

I’ve been absent from RPGs, world building, and writing for way too long. I never really stopped creating, just didn’t post much anymore.

I intend to do an overhaul of the site, clean up some of the older stuff, but above all… just get all these damned ideas out of my head and onto, well, what passes for paper these day.

Here is what’s changed so far.

  • New header image: The new header image is called “Red Sun Planet”, and depicts one of the many worlds in my science fiction setting.
  • Improved Shakespeare & Dragons Archive: All of the MP3s are now hosted on Google Drive.
  • Better archive sidebar: Collapsing list for the archives in the sidebar for easier navigation.
  • Advertisement free: Removed adsense and analytics. Added a cookie consent bar for the WordPress cookies.
  • New categories: Tried my best to re-organize the site. The new categories are:
    • Worldbuilding: Everything related to worldbuilding. Methods, techniques, and so on.
    • Worlds: Posts directly covering the worlds I design. One sub-category for each world/setting.
    • RPG: Posts related to role-playing games.
    • Plot-a-Day: All posts with plot ideas
  • New host: Updated software, new host, all sparkly and shiny. (I hope..)

And there’s more to come. All I can say is… It’s good to be home.