My name is Nils, and I will be your host on this website about World Building.

I am not a professional world builder, though I would love to be one. I think very few people could actually call themselves that – most are probably build worlds as an extension of some other job – working for a video game company, or as an author.

Even though I don’t make a cent with it, I obviously enjoy designing fictional worlds. I have built worlds and settings for years as a hobby, and I’ve lately decided to be more public about it; I’d like to share methods, experiences, and ideas with fellow world-builders. And of course it would be nice to share my works, so that others who are interested and have less time or inclination to build their own worlds could use them for their role-playing games, stories, and so on.

If you have any interesting resource or article you’d like to share with me, email me. I’ll gladly link or include anything relevant. I also welcome comments and feedback on anything published on this site – don’t hesitate to post your opinion!


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  1. i found your site a few days ago, i think this is amazing!!! i have some story ideas ive made, if you want to hear them let me know, thanks.

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