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Weee. Since I installed WordPress Stats in late June 2011, I got a total of 20,811 page views. Let’s take that as breaching the 20k milestone – Neat! – Thank you all for visiting!

I had to remove the IntenseDebate plugin, as you may have noticed. The reason is that the plugin’s JavaScript code obviously poisoned my keywords, according to Google Webmaster Tools. Too bad, really, since I liked the plugin. I’ll have to find something that’s a bit more traditional, that is, integrates with WordPress instead of sitting on top of it in JavaScript. If anybody has any recommendations, let me know..!

Reorganized World Building Links

I’ve split up the world building resources page into several sub-pages; the main page just got too big and unwieldy.

If you have any additional links that could be of interest, please let me know – I’d love to hear about sites you find useful, and I will add anything that is of general utility to this collection.

The new sub pages are:


Site Upgraded

As you can see I’ve updated the Enderra website once more. I’ve integrated it into a new installation of WordPress and cleaned up a little. I personally like the site much better as it is now. There are likely some issues, especially with early posts, where the formatting may be off or images may not be showing. I will fix these old posts as I find them, but drop me a line and I’ll take care of whatever problem you found as soon as possible.

And if anybody has a cool idea for a site header image… I’d appreciate it. đŸ˜‰