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Some assorted links, as usual:


Some assorted links:


Lots of assortedness:

  • Airships. I love airships and The Atlantic has some nice photos.
  • Earth-sized Lava World has been discovered
  • Stone Lake – so called because it petrifies (literally) animals.Awesome, awesome, awesome setting, as Realmwright points out. I do have some doubts about the validity of this, and even if it actually works about the details mentioned on Gizmodo, but for a fantasy / sci fi story, you can always bend reality enough to make use of it.
  • Living on the Ocean: For your waterworlds.
  • Piracy pays: If you need to rationalize piracy in a modern or a Sci Fi setting, then Somalia is your friend.
  • Technovelgy is an old site that keeps track of reality’s imitation of science fiction.
  • As many as one in five suns may host habitable planets.
  • Abandoned toy factories – Creepy dolls everywhere make for an awesome setting
  • Is it right to waste Helium on party balloons? – Interesting thoughts, plus: It turns out the US had a strategic helium reserve established in the time of airships. What awesome plot point that would make…

Not a lot this month, but hey, I’ve been busy.


Spaaaaaaaace! and the Future

  • Low-mass exoplanet imaged – It also “poses a challenge” to theories about Gas Giant formations.
  • The City of 2050 – Nothing too original but probably worth a look if you are working on Sci Fi
  • Not strictly Sci Fi: Check out Project Iceworm. Seems that in the early 60s, the US Army attempted to build a huge nuclear missile launch facility under the ice of Greenland. Valuable leads if you intend on ‘building’ an under-ice colony or lair for your supervillain. Also, see the propaganda video for some impressive visuals.

More odds and ends:

Game Design:

  • The League of Legends lead designer talked a bit about player needs vs wants, a worth-while read. This is not exactly news to anybody who has even dabbled in the field, but he expresses it well – and many players do not realize these principles.
  • Geeks On had an episode on RPG design.

Tools of the Trade

Question for you guys: Should I keep posting these here, or just on Facebook – or both?

Some odds and ends this month:

Just a bunch of assorted links for you:

Not much actual world-building stuff for March, but I came across a bunch of articles and sites I thought were share-worthy:

  • Helicoprion was a spiral-toothed fish and shows that very weird-looking creatures did indeed exist…
  • We can now re-grow teeth.. it’ll be a while for commercial availability, but the shiny future may sole all dental problems.
  • Chuck found a nice photo website called Phototravel, lots of nice visuals there.
  • Paleos.com – Life Through Deep Time is cool resource if you need to figure out what lived on Earth when.
  • The BBC has an article up describing a Future Without Antibiotics.

Well since it’s almost March, it’s high time for this. I did not spend too much time browsing this year, so far, since I am so busy at work (same reason why I did not post much on this site either). Still, here are a few links I thought were noteworthy:

Haven’t really browsed randomly so much in the past months, so I do not have that many links to share. Still here are a few good ones:

  • If you think I am too light on RPGs, look no further: Shortymonster runs a cool website focusing on actual gaming topics and advice. Go there and tell him I said Hi.
  • Chuck came up with a script for an “intro cinematic” for Somnium: Chronicles of Empire.
  • Beyond Apollo – A blog that chronicles missions and programs that never happened. There’s some amazingly cool stuff just in the first few pages… Highly recommended.
  • The Public Domain Review looks like a promising catalog of public domain works.
  • Astrographer covers Star Trek, Science Fiction, Worldbuilding, and Traveller.
  • Lost Type repository has some awesome fonts.