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There are a many great resources on the web when it comes to worldbuilding, and some of the best are not even dedicated to the craft but are generic scientific resources. I’ll attempt to collect everything that is useful – and I need your help to update this list. Please send me links you think should be included, and I’ll take a look.

Since there are so many links, I’ll group them into categories:

Linguistics and Con-Languages

Real World Resources

If you base your world on our current Earth, you’ll sooner or later have to look up facts that you do not know. Here’s where you should do so.

  • Wikipedia is always a good starting point for research.
  • The CIA World Factbook answers all the basic questions you have about the nations of Earth. Life expectancy in China? Male-to-Female ratio on the Bahamas? Here you go.

Everything else

Articles that didn’t fit elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “World Building Links

  1. The flag generator link is gone. Pity, too. I suspect it would have been entertaining.

  2. It would be a relatively simple task to make a random word generator. All you need is some lexical rules for building a word, such as vowels that can be placed together and in what order they must be placed, what consonants don’t go together, what consonants require a vowel afterwards (Q for example) and then you build the world using a while loop to make a word of a predetermined length. Choose a letter to start with and then build it from there following those lexical rules.

    I will try to put something together between classes as an intellectual pursuit, but a list of lexical rules would be nice. I can think up some, but I won’t be able to account for them all… Assuming an English lexical rule set. It would be easier codifying it if people just use their own lexical rules and I just have a xml file to load those rules from. I’ll see what I come up with.

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