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2 thoughts on “How-To’s and Guides

  1. Hello again. Yes, still lurking. Fantastic resource you have provided good sir! An issue I notice (that I greatly fear happening to my own blog someday) is that many of the enticing links – especially those to SFWA – lead to nowhere. I thought I’d help out with at least one. “Medieval Demographics Made Easy” is one I came across last year sometime in my own searches, but as you may already know, it’s kaput now. Here’s basically the exact same thing that someone else has provided: Hope that helps. I’ll throw another couple bones out for you – these an others can be found through my blog as well: (great setup like yours, but alas some busted links) and (this one is incredible! I call it the Complete Fantasy Generator because there seems to be nothing it can’t do). Sorry for the super long comment, but I hope the buried gems made it worth it.

  2. Thanks for the pointers. Yeah, maintaining link libraries sucks. I wish I could just grab all the really good articles and archive them here, but of course I can’t. The hidden way is actually in my links too. I checked. 🙂

    Paul Starks’s at one time seemed like a promising world builders’ community, but it unfortunately died and I think the domain’s now owned by a squatter. It’s really too bad we don’t have a more organized community.

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