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The Web is full of imaginary worlds. I’ll try to link to as many as I can, but I will only include “reasonable efforts”, that is, sites that actually have a bit of content.

  • Orion’s Arm: A far-future, transhumanist hard science fiction setting.
  • Planetocopia: Various alternate Earths, all beautifully laid out, and described in great, scientific detail.
  • Life on the Planet Furaha: Life on Nu Phenicis IV
  • Virtual Verduria – also has a Wiki
  • This Orb – A project that aims to create a science fiction planet in great detail
  • The Torn World – Has some nice maps and artwork, worth checking out
  • Forgotten Futures – RPG Settings based on public domain science fiction settings, like Lost World or Weinbaum’s Sci Fi short-stories.
  • Constructed Worlds Wiki – Has various designs.
  • The Accounts of Thyrenacia – Uses a watery Mars as the basis of their fantasy setting. Nicely done but hasn’t been updated in a while it seems; I like their maps.
  • The Artifact is a science fiction role-playing game/setting centered around an artificial, roughly egg-shaped world
  • Modified Mars – A terraformed mars conworld project. Seems to have been abandoned, but the map is pretty cool.
  • Aurora – with most details linked from the Wiki page and the Aurora One nations page.
  • Farland – pretty cool conworld, lots of detail.

Constructed Nations

  • Bergonia is a fictional island nation that rests Atlantis-like in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. The island looks a bit square-ish, but it looks like a lot of time and effort went into creating this nation.
  • Kingdom of Kaupelan another constructed nation, unfortunately their website is at a free webhoster that forces you through advertisement pop-ups so beware.
  • The Republic of Novegrad is a really nicely done con-nation; the website is bi-lingual in English and Novegradian, a constructed language.
  • The Armorican Isles
  • Koana Islands – Con nation; has some awesome modern-style maps

Constructed Cities

Worlds in Development

  • Tellur – Developed by cartogriffi on his weblog.
  • This Orb – Attempt to create an ultra-realistic conworld. Awesome map work.

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  1. Ah, thank you so much for listing us on your site! We're adding new content all of the time, and with the RPGNow data looming we're close to releasing our 3.5 OGL Pathfinder adventures, player guides, map packs …. and a whole slew more. Infact, I want to release something every month (and indeed we have enough materials to do so!), so (a) please watch this space, and (b) maybe we can get a little more 'intimate'; I'd love to be an open book to you guys, and if you want to know more of what we're doing over here, please just reach out and I'll happily fill you in đŸ™‚

    ~ TornWorld – Alyssa

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