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Map: Oceania

Last night I worked on a new map. This time, it’s an ocean world for the Voyagers setting, called Oceania (for now).

Voyagers: Oceania
Voyagers: Oceania

When Oceania was discovered, the near complete lack of dry land meant that the world was skipped and not colonized. A businessman purchased the entire system and developed Oceania into a high class tourist world.

As always, I have a thread on the cartographers’ guild up to track progress.

Idol’s idols

“I was going to write like James Branch Cabell, which would have taken a lot of doing. Before that, I was going to write like Rafael Sabatini, and like Talbot Munday, and like Rider Haggard, and even, God help us, like Edgar Rice Burroughs. …  Eventually I decided to write like H. Beam Piper, only a little better. I am still trying.”

H. Beam Piper, The double:bill Symposium interview

Neverwinter Nights: Bard’s Tale

One of the many things I experimented with – seven years ago! – in Neverwinter Nights was an implementation of Bard’s Tale III: The Thief of Fate using NWN. The project never progressed far; while a later version actually had progressed quite nicely I ended up taking over Underdark Adventures and creating UA3 together with Arjan instead.

Anyway, I just discovered a handful of screenshots from this attempt and thought I’d share them.

Plus a map of the “Wilderness” area:

BT3: Wilderness
BT3: Wilderness

It looks like I even have module files from back then – but no hakpaks, and I am fairly sure this module needed one.