2 thoughts on “Earth in 2174 – Wip 3

  1. Let's see how well I can do with Africa . . .

    * Somaliland has left Somalia and joined Djibouti.

    * Dafur and Southern Sudan have separated (although I suppose the latter is technically a real world division now)

    * Western Sahara has been divvied up between Morocco and Mali

    I like them. When I worked with Africa I aimed to make large unions – so all of North Western Africa became The Maghreb. The various economic unions were a help but many of them overlap, so they're useful but hardly a blueprint.

    The Middle East looks quite interesting, I look forward to hearing about those divisions. 🙂

  2. Hmm I had issues for this comment to actually show up, no idea what's happening here. Anyway:

    That's Mauritania, not Mali. 😉

    Also, Somaliland has taken over Awdal and afterwards Djibouti joined them. The rest of Somalia did pull itself out of anarchy; you can't really tell from the map of course.

    South Sudan is a no-brainer, the big question is whether those two will sink into civil war. I am not sure Darfur is a viable nation, but it could be a protectorate of some sort.

    Rwanda took over Burundi and a slice of the Dem Rep of Congo (hard to see on the map).

    I do have have one African union in mind, and in addition to that I do realize a lot of these borders probably need to change.

    The Middle East… Well. I solved the Israeli problem; I figured they eventually HAVE to learn how to get along, so that's now a federated republic containing Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and a small bit of Syria.

    The Arabian peninsula basically fragmented into countless tiny states all fighting against each other. During the height of the final oil crisis various nations tried to get control over these nations, propping up rival factions, but while still being interested in the violence not getting out of hand since that would affect oil production. Eventually, cheap oil ran out and the world converted to alternate fuel sources. The region was left alone in a state of heightened conflict and things literally fell to pieces. Imperialism still doesn't work well for the natives.

    By 2174 I figure most of those wars ended, but they have no real incentive to unify and so those countless little kingdoms remain as-is.

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