LEGO Space Ship Design #1

I always wanted to use LEGO Bricks to design space ships and mecha for my worlds. I don’t have enough bricks to do that, but luckily these days Lego actually offers a free Lego model designer. It looks like you can even order boxes of your custom sets!

Anyway, I haven’t played with Legos in decades, and I never used the designer software before, so my first design is a little clumsy. Still, I think it came out quite well.

To assign this ship a scale – it would be a small transport, perhaps used by corporations, governments, and adventurers’ groups to bring a small team to where ever the action is. It wouldn’t be much bigger than, say, a 727 or so.

The Lego designer estimates the price of this model at 18 Euro. I’ll definitely order a custom Lego set sooner or later, I just want to do so with a better design than this…

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