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Settings Poll Result

I decided – rather arbitrarily, I’ll admit – to close the settings poll. First of all “THANK YOU!” to all of you who did cast a vote.

The results are:

settingspollSo Enderra and Antarctica are tied. Somnium – the Science Fiction setting – is in second place, followed by post-apocalyptic Desolate Earth, the parallel worlds setting Terra, and Arnaron.

I knew Enderra and Somnium would score relatively well – I posted a lot of Sci Fi stuff, and worked on the map much; and Enderra is, after all, the namesake of the site; I am, however, surprised Antarctica and Arnaron scored so well. As for Terra and Desolate Earth, I think those are just genre votes.

I am not sure what exactly I can take away from these results, except that people by and large voted for what I post about already – I guess perhaps that I should focus more on Fantasy-ish things. We’ll see – I already know that I need to focus better anyway.


Poll Results and a New Poll

Thanks to everybody who has voted in the poll where I asked what topics I should cover. In total, I received 116 votes.  The results were not that much of a surprise; you guys voted mostly for what I have been posting about anyway:


It’s easy to explain that – if a certain type of post is common, the people who are attracted by that will vote for more of the same type. Still, it’s good to know my readership.

As a consequence of this poll, I will retire the plot-a-day series – it’s been mostly plot-a-quarter anyway, and I haven’t quite been happy with them anyway. They’ll stay in the archives, but don’t expect any more of them.

The one true surprise is that Game Design received so many votes, considering I have not posted much about it, especially lately. I have heard you, and I will pick up my efforts to design a game system again. Just give me a little while to get some other stuff out of the way.

As for genres, science fiction was the clear winner over fantasy, but again, I have been posting a lot of science fiction stuff. I won’t alienate those of you who enjoy it that way, so no worries, but I will provide more fantasy posts as well because I believe it’s underrepresented. The site, after all, is called after my fantasy world, and it’s a shame that there is so little material on, well, Enderra here.

The New Poll

The new poll is even more blatant: With this I wish to find out which of my settings are actually interesting to you guys! Let me know – and I will give you what you want… 😉

Thanks to Adam for pointing out that the downloads of Shakespeare & Dragons episodes 10 and 13 were broken. I think it happened when Google updated Docs to become Drive. Anyway, I have fixed them, now hosting them on my own server.

As a VERY SPECIAL BONUS… I noticed that I actually have a 16th episode, “The Missing Ingredient”, which I never uploaded because for some reason it also does not show up in my iTunes. It’s now been added – enjoy!


  • Episode 10 – Plot Part Three, Structuring Plot from Character Desires and Forces of Antagonism
  • Episode 13 – Setting Part Two, Creating Cultural Attributes
  • Episode 16 – The Missing Ingredient


I actually didn’t except this, but the Cartographers picked my suggestion for the February/March challenge: Map a river! I guess this means I actually have to submit something for a  change… and so should you!

Guys – I wish you all a merry xmas (or whatever variant of the traditional mid-winter pagan festival you may be celebrating) and, in a few days, a happy new year! Thank you all for dropping by – and I hope to see you again next year!


Woohooo! has had just over 50,000 (fifty thousand) page views since I enabled the wordpress statistics end of June 2011.

50000 Pageviews
50000 Pageviews

THANK YOU all for visiting!

Naga Demon

I usually take part in NaNoWriMo in November. However, this year I decided I should do something a little different: Naga Demon.

Naga Demon is the “National Game Design Month”. The goal is to create a game, and play it – even if you do it by yourself.

That’s much more reasonable than trying to write 1667 words – on average – every day after work.

My Goals are, specifically:

  • Write star ship construction rules
  • Write star system generation rules
  • Write trade system rules
  • Run a small tramp freighter through a small star cluster until she made a fortune or runs out of money…

And yes, those are all things I can use for the development of my science fiction setting. As a big bonus… I will try to finally decide on a name for the setting.

I’m now at 326 and 244. So people are definitely doing a “follow-for-follow” thing. I see the logic of that, of course – if you want to use your account for marketing purposes only. Of course that makes them worthless as an actual “audience” or even for actual networking. Perhaps I should unsubscribe everybody and then resubscribe a small whitelist of sorts?

On the other hand, there may be software out there that actually does filtering of incoming tweets. I can’t imagine people who follow even half as many people as I actually read the tweets they get.

And hey, if you actually got here via Twitter – let me know – I’d like to personally thank you for using Twitter in a meaningful way 🙂

Update: Massive cull of accounts. Now only following 230 people… getting to a more manageable level.

Update: 219 and 242.


I’ve started to reduce the number of people I follow on Twitter. It’s nothing personal or that most people don’t have anything to say – it’s simply that I can’t read it all anymore. At 350 people that I follow, it’s become this constant buzz, almost like textual white noise. What good does that do to anybody?

I just trimmed a few people off the top – accounts that posted constantly, or posted a lot of advertisements, or who covered topics I was absolutely not interested in. I’m now at 337. I think I’d like to get to a point where I get at most a tweet every other minute – as a first step.

It’ll probably cost me some followers as well. I’m now at 254 – down from 258 when last I checked. I think a lot of people will do a follow-for-following type of thing. Again, what good does that do anybody?

I guess I could look into finding a bot or filter program, but again, what good does it do – just to have slightly bigger numbers? No, thank you, I think I prefer smaller numbers if it leads to an actually usable account.

Update: Now at 324 and 250. Hard to say if it’s a trend or just flyby followers anyway.