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Shakespeare & Dragons Archive

Shakespeare & Dragons is gone for good. I mean, I lost hope for a revival a long time ago, but now even the partially broken website is gone as well – and the domain name owned by a reseller. I’ve therefore taken the liberty to create an archive with links to the episodes hosted at libsyn.


And, Paul, if you ever read this, please get in touch – I’d love to give them a permanent home here. I think I even have the show notes archived somewhere so I could put them in as well.

Shakespeare and Dragons Podcast

Sometimes you find gems when you least expect it. I was actually looking for a good domain name to use for this weblog when I came across this world-building podcast.

Shakespeare & Dragons [dead link!] is run by Paul Stark. Paul is an English teacher from California with aspirations to becoming a professional world builder. He takes a story-based approach to building worlds, which is a little different from the usual “scientific” approach to Conworlds.

Paul has published 15 episodes so far (plus a “donation reward” special dealing with monster design). Unfortunately, his publishing schedule is very irregular, but what’s already available is quite interesting and really worth the time to download: If you’re a world-builder, this podcast is two thumbs up. But even regular game masters can take a lot of value from it, as they will have to create stories just the same. Highly recommended. And do send Paul some feedback, so he is motivated enough to continue working on the podcast.

Update, 2011-09-16: It appears the website is now gone as well. The episodes are still out there, I will create a page to access them more easily.

Update, 2015-11-26: Never revisited the post, I got permission from Paul to host the podcast’s archive.