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I’m now at 326 and 244. So people are definitely doing a “follow-for-follow” thing. I see the logic of that, of course – if you want to use your account for marketing purposes only. Of course that makes them worthless as an actual “audience” or even for actual networking. Perhaps I should unsubscribe everybody and then resubscribe a small whitelist of sorts?

On the other hand, there may be software out there that actually does filtering of incoming tweets. I can’t imagine people who follow even half as many people as I actually read the tweets they get.

And hey, if you actually got here via Twitter – let me know – I’d like to personally thank you for using Twitter in a meaningful way đŸ™‚

Update: Massive cull of accounts. Now only following 230 people… getting to a more manageable level.

Update: 219 and 242.


I’ve started to reduce the number of people I follow on Twitter. It’s nothing personal or that most people don’t have anything to say – it’s simply that I can’t read it all anymore. At 350 people that I follow, it’s become this constant buzz, almost like textual white noise. What good does that do to anybody?

I just trimmed a few people off the top – accounts that posted constantly, or posted a lot of advertisements, or who covered topics I was absolutely not interested in. I’m now at 337. I think I’d like to get to a point where I get at most a tweet every other minute – as a first step.

It’ll probably cost me some followers as well. I’m now at 254 – down from 258 when last I checked. I think a lot of people will do a follow-for-following type of thing. Again, what good does that do anybody?

I guess I could look into finding a bot or filter program, but again, what good does it do – just to have slightly bigger numbers? No, thank you, I think I prefer smaller numbers if it leads to an actually usable account.

Update: Now at 324 and 250. Hard to say if it’s a trend or just flyby followers anyway.